Coaches should be coaching and marketers should be marketing

At Lester Media we help you completely automate your entire client acquisition process. We believe that coaches shouldn't be spending HOURS on manual outreach but focus on what they want and are good at which is coaches. We have 2 things that we prioritize QUALITY LEADS and YOU NOT SPENDING TIME ON GETTING NEW LEADS. Find a time below to talk to someone from our team.


We have help 25 + coaches completely automate their lead generation

We focus on our clients because we know that if our clients succeed we will succeed. We are a strong team of 12 people that dedicate their day to help our clients get insane results. Our model is a complete DFY or Done For You. No 100 hour course, no real time investment just getting clients in the door and then paying. Because we work on a complete pay-on-performance basis and a full money back guarantee, no bull sh**


What we do

Completely automate your client acquisition so that you can focus on what's important and that is to help people

Digital Marketing Solutions

We help you with everything on the back-end meaning you don't need to study how to do copywriting we'll take care of EVERYTING.

Strategic Brand Development

Here at Lester Media we want you to stand out as the number one coach in your niche.

Creative Campaign Design

We use tested and tried methods that has been used and works for more than 25 coaches. This provides killer results!

Industry-Specific Expertise

We make sure that you are ONLY GETTING ON CALLS WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS. We take lead quality very serious on our company.

Data-Driven Analytics and Reporting

We make all decision on data and metrics to make sure that we are always on step ahead. We'll report to you with all the needed details once a week.

What Our Clients Say

Really professional and really nice people. Christian and Mikkel's team really helped my coaching business get out of a low point and get a solid stream of client and we now in the process of building a waiting list. Can't thank them enough I can recommend them with hesitation!

- Martin / Leadership coach

Lead generation was always a problem. I was relying on referrals and networking spend multiple hours a day trying to get new clients without any return, but when I started working with Lester Media the problem of client acquisition went away and for that I'm forever grateful. I finally feel like I can do what I love on full time, Thank you!

- Laurel - Mental health coach

Great people! Thanks to Christian, Mikkel and their team I was able to get out of inconsistent appointment booking to start seeing reliable flow of appointments in my calendar. I always had the belief it was the hardest part of a coaching business, but not any more. Really some awesome people and can't thanks them enough!

- Daniel / Executive coach

Their expertise in medical industry advertising is unparalleled. From strategic branding to digital marketing, they've significantly boosted our online presence and patient engagement.


John Doe

Healthcare Provider

The creative campaigns they designed not only increased our visibility but also attracted a broader client base. Their commitment to excellence and industry-specific knowledge make them a trusted partner for our ongoing marketing efforts.


John Doe

Insurance broker

Their strategic approach, combined with creative ingenuity, played a pivotal role in establishing our brand. The results were evident - increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and a positive impact on our bottom line.


Jane Doe

E-commerce Entrepreneur

Team Members

We have a strong team of 12 people that put our full focus into helping coaches getting more calls in the calendar! We really love what we do and feel we are making a real differences

Christian and Mikkel have set a goal for Lester Media and that is to make appointment booking for coaches easy and reliable!.


Is it true that you work on a complete pay-on-results basis?

Here at Lester Media if there is one thing we know we can do, that is deliver insane results for our clients. We are not like other agencies out there that don't want to put any skin in the game, but we will. We do this cause we have found our clients really love this part of our business. To answer the question, YES

Why do I need to get on a call?

We have the call to see if we're a fit, we don't take on anyone because we ONLY work with people that are serious about their business and are ready to go to the next level. Jump on a call to meet one of the people from our team and lets find out if we're a good fit. ONLY book if you're serious about business.

What's my commitment to making this happen?

We are really serious about removing you from the lead gen process. We only require 1 hours of work every week to get you more clients than you can handle

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